Room and Board Expenses

If you are injured in a Michigan automobile accident and you are hospitalized or institutionalized, your insurance company is obligated to pay for your room and board and hospital food. If you return to your home after hospitalization/institutionalization to be cared for by a family member, your insurance company is not obligated to pay for nonmedical food. In order for your insurance company to be obligated to pay for food, the food you eat now must be different from the food that you ate before sustaining your injuries and must be part of your treatment plan. Griffith v State Farm Mutual Auto Ins. Co. The Court of Appeals in its unpublished case extended the ruling in Griffith v State Farm Mutual Auto Ins. Co. to room and board and ruled that the insurance company was not obligated to pay for room and board. Mahle v Titan Ins. Co. (May 13, 2008).

However, your insurance company could still be obligated to pay 24/7 attendant care.